Android - Book Ribbons

Book ribbons are the electronic equivalent of real ribbons in print Bibles; they allow you to mark locations in the Bible so you can easily return to these passages. Like real ribbons, the app's book ribbons are associated with a general area of text, rather than with a specific verse.

You can add a book ribbon by tapping on the book ribbon icon in the upper right corner of the main window. When a book ribbon is created, this icon will become solid red to indicate that a ribbon has been added.


Book ribbons can be viewed by selecting ‘Book Ribbons’ from the Menu. This page will display a list of all the book ribbons you have created. Tapping on any of the ribbons in the list will take you to that place in the resource. 


Book ribbons can be removed by tapping on the book ribbon icon a second time. The icon will return to its original color and will no longer be red. You can also remove book ribbons on the ‘Book Ribbons’ page by tapping and holding a single book ribbon and tapping ‘Delete’ and ‘Delete’ again.


* Note: Photos on this page were taken from the NIV Zondervan Study Bible App, but apply to all Study Bible Apps.*

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