iOS - Study Bible Features

The Study Bible Features allow for easy access to the information found in the printed version of your Study Bible, such as notes, maps, introductions, images, and more.

To open the Study Bible Features when you're in portrait orientation, tap the green + symbol in the lower right corner. In landscape orientation on iPad, the Study Bible Features can be found along the right side of the screen. 


Access the notes written by today’s leading biblical scholars that offer insight on Scripture.


Read the editor's preface or the preface written by the Committee on Bible Translation for information on decisions made in creating the Study Bible.



Locate the introductions to the Bible’s literary genres (e.g. the Pentateuch) and comprehensive Bible book introductions including purpose, theme, outlines, and photos.


View color photos related to the Bible text on the main screen including images of biblical artifacts, mosaics, and more. Toggle off the switch at the top of the screen to view hundreds of additional images.


View color maps. Toggle the switch at the top of the screen to show only the maps that relate to the passage you are currently reading. 


Study color charts that help summarize information and concepts. Toggle the switch at the top of the screen to show only the charts that relate to the passage you are currently reading.


Read articles by biblical experts on theological topics.


View timelines of major events found in the Old and New Testaments. 


View topics related to the passage currently in the main window or toggle the switch to view all available topics. Tapping on a topic will provide a list of passages related to the subject.

My Notes

Access your notes quickly and open them in full screen in portrait orientation. 

Add Note

Create a new note. Keep in mind that using this button will not tie the note to a specific passage. 

*Note: Photos on this page were taken from the NIV Zondervan Study Bible App. Information found in this app may differ from your own.* 

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